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Sisters Akousmatica – Border Radio (2021)

[Sisters Akousmatica, Ammophila, 2020 (video still)]

This project began as a three-act “radio play” and video commissioned by Donner forme à l’éther at Espace Multimedia Gatner (France) exploring the sovereignty of airwaves, with particular reference to living and working on stolen land. In this time of shifting borders, power struggles and emergency we want to interrogate what happens above the legal framework of airspace.

Sisters Akousmatica (Phillipa Stafford and Julia Drouhin) have produced expanded radio projects that explore the radical possibilities of transmission since 2016. 

Act 1Phonic Atolls

What is the nationality of a radio wave?

Act 2 Spectrum Auction

How can what we cannot see be owned?

Act 3Decolonising Wavelengths

How can we own radio waves that exist on stolen land?

Ricardo Paraíso SilvestreCircuit (2022)

[image: Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre]

Everyday we cross electrical magnetic paths. Invisible boundaries affecting all that it surrounds with concealed interference. Electric fields detected using coils. A process called induction. Mapping electromagnetic paths to understand the complex web of interference surrounding us. Listening to electrical fields is like listening to the invisible.

Adern XRadio Edit (2022)

A map is what is important to a cartographer, a tool to describe a route. Shortwave radio tuning is taken as an allegory of the exploration, and the track is the result of a choice between meaningful sounds and trivial noises.

[image, Adern X]

What is not a map?