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Map of the human heart ~ Serpentine Gallery ~ Edge: Map Marathon

JT GreenTransformation Through Repetition

What is a home when objects are not present? Jemma Rose Brown meditates on the routines and loops that invisibly cement the identity of a brand new place.

Xiaofan JiangDo not be engulfed into that spectacle

A psychotherapy session. A spectacle of one’s deepest fear. And an imaginary isolated island for escape. When the waves of the spectacle are about to devour everything, and when all the paths lead to that devastation, how do you find inner peace within all your struggles?

This piece is dedicated to my friend N.H.

Lauren Modiano – With respect to goo

This piece was created during the summer of 2021 and is about finding home in unsettledness and incompleteness. It reminds me of maps in the same way that Road To Nowhere does. What I was looking for in this piece was not a path that led forward but one that led unconditionally to exactly where I was. 

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What is not a map?