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The lagoon in Greece where Aristotle began the study of the biological world ~ Serpentine Gallery ~ Edge: Map Marathon

Dragan TodorovicMap of the Red Fog (2022)

[Dragan Todorovic, ongoing mix of visual and aural diary]

Everywhere I turn Ukraine is the only story. After all that fighting about vaccination, this war was an opportunity to find something to agree about. The whole West seems to know what is going on, but even a quick search on YouTube reveals videos produced by the American universities (Chicago and Yale) that tell a completely different story, the only one I agree with: we are all shooting in Ukraine. 

Joan SchumanWalking in Bad Circles (2005)

He’d wandered across the U.S./Mexico border along an imposed boundary that is keenly and politically present and so easily ignored. In the newspaper, tucked in the back pages, was the allusion to the wanderer’s shaky mental state: “I’ve been walking in bad circles.”

What are good circles?

Whether hurtling rocks at police cruisers, or round-about wayfaring, this mix imagines rendered aimlessness and arbitrary borders.

Part of the series, Travels in Stasis.

Diana ChesterPandemic Newsreel (2021)

[image, Melody Li]

A sonic map of the anxieties and strain of living through and with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Recorded sounds are woven alongside corresponding generated audio curves of positive cases from the country. Perhaps this is a healing guide to the importance of sonic vibration in our world. 

What is not a map?