Adriene Lilly

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This long loop is a repeated scene, ambience in the background like waves at the beach or traffic on a highway. It’s the same, but always changing just a little.

I was thinking a lot about inertia and about being an individual who is part of the problem, but with no way of getting out of that cycle. There aren’t monsters here, just people remembering that the sea will rise.

I wanted to make a sort of ambient-narrative, something that grabs and releases your attention, something you might want to focus on but you just don’t quite do it. The same characters and scenes emerge over and over, but the specifics—the words, the waves—change with every new iteration.

a selection of characters from i imagine it would rise

The Blair Witch Project
Open lines, Climate Crisis
Cindy (crosstalk) “..maybe in a couple hundred years it’ll be back to that. Or underwater. I imagine it would rise.”
Minke whale
People by a beach, maybe in Brazil
remix, Blues run the game

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