Brian Price + Eleanor Price – Adaptation

It is time to take the coming changes personally.

photo credit: Lloyd Wolf

Written and produced by Brian Price (Great Northern Audio Theatre, Indiana). Alto flute performed by Eleanor Price, who studies music, writing and is a fellow at the Prindle Institute for Ethics. Voices by Brian Price and Eleanor Price.

Anne LepèreTraverser sa manche (Sleeve Crossing)

Il y a les chhhhh,
Xchhh’, qui s’expriment difficilement
Puis des parois qui nous tunnels
des bruissements salissants

Un mot tente de s’extirper,
frotte frotte,
glisse – l’anicroche – glisse
puis s’écorche,
s’écorche en corps

Puis finalement s’extirpe.

Sortie – Fin – Début d’une autre manche –

Do you hear these “shhhhhrrr”,
Xchh ‘, difficult to articulate in your mouth
A mouth as many walls,
A mouth as many tunnels
dirty rustlings
A word attempts to extirpate
rubbing and rubbing,
– hitch –
– hitch –

body flayed 
Then finally
Oozes out.

Exit – Ending – Beginning of another race –

First Broadcast 2016 on Radio Campus Bruxelles, part of the female:pressure / solidarity campaign for the canton of #Rojava (located in northern Syria), where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in social, racial and ethnic justice, religious freedom, ecological principles and gender equality.
Also featured in Papier Machine.

Joan Schumanbound, gagged, stutter from Speech Acts (2000)

A bound and gagged voice asks three questions about the loss of language when faced with fascistic repression. These audible sketches are excerpted from a longer project that includes an imagined vocalizing of the nosy neighbor of Echo and Narcissus; and a couple who remembers their first year of marriage at a monastic, silent retreat. Listen to the full composition.

Earlid is curated by Joan Schuman.

Trihn Lo – Vanishing Point

This new calligram for female voice and percussion is from a poem in progress of the same title: study project for a feminist phenomenology; voice is Marie-Dominique Greco.

Trihn Lo is currently working on interdisciplinary projects mixing instrumental and electronic music, somewhere between France and Italy.

Follow Trihn Lo and listen further.

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