To uncoil connotes a traveling round and round. Loops converge and ravel one another.


Adriene LillyChannel, Loop, Circle
A woman talks about the physical manifestations of her anxiety and obsessive thought processes. It’s a brief meditation on the channels smoothed out through repetitive thinking, and the internal thoughts looping just below the surface. It’s about repetition, physicality and scratching past the first layer.

image art by Ari Eshoo (who is also the subject of the piece itself)


John RoachThe Vein Flows Below
Energies above and beneath. An exhaustion of riches.

Created primarily from recordings captured at the Marble House Project in Dorset Vermont, the site of an abandoned marble quarry in a village of abandoned marble quarries. Featuring the voices of Jon Mathewson from the Dorset Historical Society and Shawn Harrington from the Manchester Historical Society.


Dorota BlaszczakAudio Tape Palimpsest
Magnetic skin of an audio tape contains sound encoded in magnetic particles. Moving and rubbing the magnetic surface over the head gives the sound back while playing or fast rewinding. The latter might make the tape sing or scream. The tape can be reused creating a new sound image within the magnetic layer. The traces of older recordings may be found sometimes before the beginning and after the end of the new recording when the tape was not erased.

Several real audio snippets of ‘found footage’ surrounding recordings were collected from the tapes while digitizing radio archives. Different tape speed, different direction of the old recording on reel-to-reel tape had created unexpected edits with the new material.


Tanya Louise WorkmanUncoil/Unfurl
It was the first semester of my MFA program, and in my journal I’d scribbled down: “How to make work that unfurls, uncoils, unfolds, unravels — more than skin and bones.”

And then later: “What if you could unfold/uncoil a person, like a book? Reveal what a photograph does not, can not show?”

Four months later, with these thoughts on simmer, I picked up my phone and hit record.


Victoria Estokfera rosa mysterium

The shadowy/brown paper image is one of several from my project notes.

Wild rose
Struggling to survive
For years, they tended, I tended
It was from before our time 
Branch by branch grew decayed
The conditions were not quite right
Not enough light
The dark side
the north side
It held on 
for a long time 
surrounded by pines
Now I see 
it wasn’t a failure to thrive but a failure to let secrets thrive 
Love is a wild rose


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