In 1913, on the cusp of radio’s transmission, Luigi Russolo expanded the extremely limited Western musical vocabulary by including a vast variety of noises. His categories of sound for a futurist orchestra include:

(1) rumbles, roars, explosions, crashes, splashes, booms; (2) whistles, hisses, snorts; (3) whispers, murmurs, mumbles, grumbles, gurgles; (4) screeches, creaks, rustles, buzzes, crackles, scrapes; (5) noises obtained by percussion on metal, wood, skin, stone, terracotta, and other materials; and (6) voices of animals and men: shouts, screams, groans, shrieks, howls, laughs, wheezes, sobs.

These six categories were intended to change the very nature of auditory perception as well as sonic creativity.

These sounds, imagined and voiced, construct a blended conversation in six parts between Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman, and a handful of U.S.-based podcasters.

A scaffolding is built into the mix.

Scroll through or start at the beginning to the linked segments.

Further listening + exploring …

I’m no longer discerning between voice and sound design and music.

Garrett Tiedemann, of The White Whale, describes his podcast as a collective of mixtape journalism, long-form documentary, fiction and sound experimentation. It launched in 2014 with several episode-linked series and includes the recent Samples from Anodyne and the Offbeat episode: Dream Log, produced by Lily Sloane.

I’m on the precipice of how much to share with my listeners.

Lily Sloane began her podcast, A Therapist Walks into a Bar, in 2016, to join the masses to talk about how messy, lonely, terrifying and beautiful being human can be. She creates series and one-offs, including a recent episode featuring an opera-singing, drag-performing therapist.

People think I’m way more lurid than I am.

Nick van der Kolk launched Love + Radio in 2005, with monthly “otherworldly-produced” interviews in an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. L+R joined the Radiotopia podcast network in 2014. His fiction-based episodes include A Girl of Ivory from Season 5 and The Superchat in Season 3.

Joan Schuman, Earlid, summer 2018

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