The Dream Had Me

You ask in the morning whether the cat ran off with the piece of toast left on the plate. “You dreamed that.” And your incredulity suggests it felt exquisitely real.

James Hillman suggests … dreams are material, they are not ephemeral.

Accidental juxtapositions. Providential voices. Chance anecdotes are overheard inside the surreal and envisioned space between the ears.

Earlid’s sixth annual Liminal Sounds shares short works with a focus on these visual and sonic dislocations of the dreamscape.

In a world now turned upside down, nightmarish even, I had a dream flips towards another kind of experience where the dream takes over, takes hold of us. Whether the long slog of a night spent in cinematic dream states or the meandering day-time excursion of remembering, we spend considerable time inside these tiny dramas.

Plundered Rest:

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Old dream journals were cracked opened, thus ensounded.

A surprising cohesion of themes arrived: new collaborations arose between contemporary artists and oil painters from far-flung eras; a number of sound-makers stumbled upon old recording gear that had journeys newly awakened.

Dreaming Animal:

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Hillman offers … the underworld whispers

Peer through the peephole. We are lured into lucid states, through engagements with others, along the sounded gaps of memory.


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Listen to the texture within a rumor heard in a dream.

Artists featured in The Dream Had Me

Adriene Lilly
Blanc Sceol
Diana Chester
Gabi Schaffner
Jeff Gburek
Joan Schuman
John Roach
Lou Barnell
Neil Verma
Sarah Washington
Timo Kahlen
Ubu Kung

Listen to all 12 works in The Dream Had Me, hosted by Earlid’s curator, broadcast hour at Wave Farm, WGXC-FM.

Or listen to three shorter sets.

— Joan Schuman, spring, 2020