shimmer & loop: a conversation

Adriene Lilly, JT Green, Joan Schuman

What stories will help us to live on this damaged planet?

Ones that perplex.

Radio-esque, sonic-wealthy artistry is a place to simmer in an audible loop. Three artists converge around the theme of fear.

Fear isn’t a bad thing. Nor is greed for a more regenerative process of healing our global wounds born from obscene thirsts. Vigilance is the job of the artist

Shimmer is an entanglement. Shimmer is an encounter and transformation. It’s how things bump next to each other.

We’re considering an entanglement with Paul Kingsnorth’s text, Beast—its blank pages and loops. It’s a kind of fable or parable, depending on if you think the protagonist is an animal or the landscape. The danger is dichotomy: fear opposed to hope or conquering. Perhaps we can find solace in each, not rooted in any of the divisions. The animal, says Kingsnorth, is not sinister; rather it’s vigilant, watching.


shimmer & loop: a conversation (2021)

[Animated image: Adriene Lilly; audio mixed by Joan Schuman; VLF signals recorded in the Salar de Atacama, Chile’s biggest salt flats and largest source of lithium, from Radiation Day: credits: Anna Friz & Rodrigo Ríos Zunino.]

you will understand soon enough that this world is a great animal, alive and breathing, that we walk through it, we breathe with it, we are its breath …

Paul Kingsnorth, Beast
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