JT Green

3 works from 2020

The relationship with my body is based in fear; simultaneously living as it slowly dies. Just as the Earth, underneath my feet.


February 6, 2020
(feat. erisa apantaku)

Technology is championed as the answer. New futures can exist in worlds unseen, but yet, these new worlds rely on the old one. The warming of precious metals, the soaking of silicon — I’m reminded of this in the ecosystem of a CT scanner; a combination of life and death spinning around my mass, generating data that hopes to extend my time on a dying planet.

Brilliance CT 64

January 9, 2020
(feat. alice wilder)

The fear grows inside of me.


(feat. jemma brown,

marcus brittain fleming,

chad kouri,

and margot harrington)

(May 20, 2020)

The ecology of my body contributing to a mass eruption as it crumbles back into the Earth.

JT Green, Dec. 2021

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