Whatever it is or isn’t or once might have been, the ether slants my mind in the direction of a certain rich hunger, a strange intimacy, a potent lack, a longing that never becomes belonging, a craning-towards that is never, can never be, a reaching.Samantha Clark


Joan Schuman – Ligature
This is an imagined conversation loosely based on the lives of Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins born in the UK in 1911. The Hiltons were displayed throughout their youth in circuses and sideshows, in vaudeville and burlesque circuits in the 1920s and 1930s. They’re retired now—literally abed where their whispers are murmured as they navigate their single knotted torso. Metaphor extends out to the real world: they mourn dead seabirds as much as they fear and savor their shared demise. Questions cohere around mortality, the ties that bind us to another, the collective memory. Perhaps we will die wondering about catastrophe or knowing that we are somehow to blame.

Joan Schuman curates Earlid and makes radio art in California. The full version of Ligature is available at HyperAcousia.


Sky High Diamonds – Sparkling Limbs
A tale of love, sorcery and seduction. … And I wrap my sparkling limbs around you … Composed, arranged, produced and sung by Sky High Diamonds. The lyrics were co-written with Alex Small, who creates short stories under the heading of romantic suicide fiction. … It’s a thin silver wire, finer than silk, stronger than steel, connecting me to your sparkling limbs

The main vocals were recorded in one take to capture spontaneity and passion. Sky High Diamonds is not afraid to disturb the listener: “My creative sound works are rarely about pretty things. They pendulum somewhere between well-being and overwhelming discomfort. My tracks often enjoy dismantling themselves.”

Sky High Diamonds is the musical outlet of Sarah Gatter, an experimental DIY sound poet, who creates and fine-tunes her work in a loft in Cornwall, UK.


Karen Werner – Seaweed
A right-ear/left-ear dance about Plato’s “love of wisdom,” logical rules and distilled clarity and seaweed’s sensual muck. It was a great exercise to begin working my way into a lot of seaweed tape I recorded two summers ago while recovering from heartache. I love seaweed, and it really was Plato who drew my attention to it years ago. 

Karen Werner makes audio stories, mostly non-fictional, and is a sociologist; sometimes combining the two. She co-organizes an audio listening circle in western Massachusetts. Since 2016, she has been creating radio pieces related to displacement, strangers, and the broader context of contemporary migration and power. This Vienna radio-series-in-progress, Strange Radio, is emerging out of the artist’s family’s relationship to the city.


[featuring Sian Gledhill, Kala Pierson, Dixie Treichel, Michael Trommer]



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