Daniela Cascella – “To record in words is about sounding a vanishing.”

Daniela Cascella invites us to listen. Her new book, F.M.R.L., bypasses the usual descriptions of venturing into the world, rapt by sound, and instead allows for an intense, internal stream of sounds to collide with words on paper, enveloping the silent reader.

Cascella is a London-based reader-writer-thinker-in-sound. Her new text, F.M.R.L.: Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound, is hardly categorizable. Its 15 sections are cohesions: references, or rather, influences from watching, listening, physical experiences, aural memories and, of course, reading pilgrimages, where a cacophony of writerly voices are ‘translated’ and thus transmitted.

“I’ve always thought of this book more on the site of a murmur—hushed and continuous.”

For more detail, visit Earlid: The words will be soaked in all the sounds she did not write.

This audio melding of Cascella’s concepts, words and process for constructing F.M.R.L. was produced by Joan Schuman in 2015 for Earlid.