Monsters & Ghosts


Your Mating Call is Important To Us

The Sousrealists are a New York-based creative research collective on a quest to unpack what lies underneath, unquestioned.

Through their experiments in multi-sensory making, performance and creative writing, they question and subvert the default ways humans relate to ourselves, others and our fellow Earthly lifeforms.

The collective ~ with occasional collaborations from rabbits, Spot and Thumpkins ~

MariaEugenia Dominguez
Hannah Rose Fox
Anjali Nair
Miriam Young



Stephen Shiell and Hannah White are artist duo Blanc Sceol. Their compositions, interventions and performances express their experience of place, anchored in what is found in a landscape but re-imagined into new territories. They create encounters to connect both materially and energetically to their surroundings. They are certified Deep Listening® practitioners and regularly run workshops and sound walks exploring listening and sound making in public spaces.


JT Green

Brilliance CT 64

JT Green (he/they) is an audio documentarian by trade and artist by practice. They are the founder of the creative studio Molten Heart. Their works have been featured in places such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Mass MoCA, 99% Invisible, and Pop Up Magazine.

These short pieces from 2020 live on the audio ‘zine, u+1f60c.


Marjorie Van Halteren & Brian Price
Silence is Coming

I describe myself as an electroacoustic poet, composer, performer and improviser. I was born in Detroit, and after nearly 20 years in New York City, I relocated to Lille, France. —Marjorie Van Halteren

I’m a between-the-cracks kind of artist, writing somewhere between prose, poetry and theater. My latest audiobook, The Wrong Side of the River, has just come out. I was born in Virginia, across the river from D.C., and since have lived all over the Midwest. —Brian Price


Joan Schuman

Extinction is one of three segments in the triptych, how you treat them is what you are.

My audiophilia whispers into the radio’s ear. Interviews frequently find their way into sound-texts. Fragments become a story. Voices morph and evolve and loop. Sounds from the field are both exacting and, more often, sonic metaphors.

I’ve built and organized Earlid since 2015 from the northwestern edge of California.


Adriene Lilly
i imagine it will rise

I was thinking a lot about inertia and about being an individual who is part of the problem, but with no way of getting out of that cycle. There aren’t monsters here, just people remembering that the sea will rise.

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