Always, in between

Stories float through consciousness in various states: witnessed by outsiders; dreamed within; seen and heard anew by the same person from a new vantage. A gust of wind turns a corner and becomes a howl; ocean waters waft and prayer calls us awake; songs resonate and release.


Joan Schuman – Heard, not seen
A goat moved into the neighborhood. He was heard, but never seen. Someone entered her dreams, both needing and ignoring her. Of all the John Berger texts about looking at the world, there’s an essay that beckons us to understand our metaphoric and literal relationships with animals. They commit, as promises; or they are sent, as messengers. This murmured text across consciousness is a segment of a longer piece, Flesh has turned itself to stone or dust, which features ambient narrative and documentary stories of two farmers, vegetarian and carnivore, who question how they raise animals for slaughter.

Joan Schuman is Earlid’s curator.


Damaso Reyes – A Day in the Life of Europe
From a Catalan independence demonstration in Barcelona to the sounds of the call to prayer in Istanbul, listen in on the transformations taking place across the continent. Amid struggle, always in the background is the baseline of nature, which is seemingly indifferent to conflicts.

Explore more of this photojournalism and audio project.


Tessie Word – My mother said I never should
As the mother of a young child, at times it seems that everything in my world has gone soft. I am trying to find softness in sound and so have begun using soft tools: brooms, paintbrushes, violin bows on cymbals, a snowstorm. In My mother said, a gust of wind turns a corner and becomes a howl. A pretty rhyme about fairies in the woods is both a mysterious invitation and ominous warning about the predatory aspects of human nature, impossible to ignore or refuse.

The piece is newly made for Earlid. 

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