Joan Schuman

My audio interviews fragment into documentary art-narratives designed for radioesque spaces. Work has aired in the ether, online and in physical spaces including This Curious Ear, RTE/Ireland; Trickhouse Live at Casa Libre, Tucson, AZ; Third Coast International Audio Festival, Chicago; ResonanceFM, London; Radiolab, WNYC-FM; The Night Air/Radio Eye, ABC Australia; Deep Wireless Festival, Toronto; online at Public Radio Remix; art@radio; SoundLAB. Visit and listen at HyperAcousia.

Collaborative approaches to gathering sound/radio art and engaging with practitioners include Listening as a Form of Activism and The WHY: Conversations (Trickhouse); Lo-fi: Radio (NEXUS/Foundation for Art, Philadelphia); The Sound Lounge (Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson); Acoustic Mining and Right Ear Dominant (KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz).

I teach sound studies to graduate students and mediated responses to environmental disaster to undergraduates through The New School for Public Engagement located in New York and online. I live far up the northern California coast along the rugged and sound-full edge of the Pacific Ocean.