The Dream Had Me

Chance juxtapositions. Chance voices. Chance anecdotes overheard inside the surreal and envisioned space between the ears.

Earlid’s sixth annual Liminal Sounds invites short works with a focus on the visual dislocation of the dreamscape.


Whether the long slog of a night spent in cinematic dream states or the meandering day-time excursion, we spend considerable time inside these tiny dramas. ‘I had a dream’ flips towards another kind of experience where the dream takes over, takes hold of us.

Liminal Sounds + The Dream Had Me

Now an annual ritual, Earlid’s open submission invites you to consider a decidedly visual listening vantage and offer up new or existing gems. In past exhibits, a dozen or so submissions are curated, presented, like an ephemeral dream, and then archived at Earlid afterwards.

Works can be as simple as a single voice or a mixed complexity of story strands. Their media origins can be radiophonic or site-specific or visual or time-based but excerpted for the ears for this flattened, audible, mediated sphere.

A listener peers through the peephole. The more the work expresses itself rather than the written detail explaining it, the more a listener gets to imagine their own stance within your tiny drama.

Formats and genres are wide open (documentary and art, fiction and truth, hybrids of curious sound wrapping around all those words).

Length: keep it short, under 5 minutes.

Submit high-quality mp3 or WAV files, a brief written context and an artist link to Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman:

Deadline: Monday, March 2, 2020.