Skin rubbed smooth

Earlid’s fourth annual Liminal Sounds invites short works with a focus on the surface and what lies beneath.

Submit by Friday, March 9, 2018.

Start with the palimpsest where images, stories, sounds, bleed through a top layer. Think of paintings and canvases erased. Part of the word comes from the Greek, psestos, meaning rubbed smooth. Consider palimpsest of bodies, cities; the skin of a building, a culture. Skin tone. To be colored. Stylus on wax, like a tattoo. Chisel and brush, pigment.

Lichen seems to be of the surface and much deeper within the stone. Colorful and colorless. Knife point on bone.

Hides and pelt; rind and peel; film, membrane casing, hull. Pare it. Watch for scrapes and abrasions. Bark and chafe. Scratch an itch.

A skinflint is a miser, a cheapskate.


Earlid’s open submission is all ears

Send your new or existing gems loosely considering this theme of skin, of things that lie just below the surface.

Works can be as simple as a single voice or a mixed complexity of story strands. Their media origins can be radiophonic or site-specific or visual or time-based excerpts for the ears.

Be expansive. Be verbal and storied. Be sonic and obtuse, though it should be evident that the work has as its theme, the skin. If a detailed back-story description tells more about its relationship to skin than what the ear can discern on its own, perhaps that is not the strongest submission.

Formats and genres are wide open (documentary and art, fiction and truth, hybrids of curious sound wrapping around all those words).

Length: keep it short, under five minutes.

Submit mp3 and short written context and an artist link to Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman:

Deadline: Friday, March 9, 2018.

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