Right-Ear Dominant

Earlid’s third annual Liminal Sounds invites short works with a focus on the left hemisphere of the brain—the side that processes the auditory and the primary churning for the emotions, speech and language comprehension.

Submit by Friday, March 3, 2017.

Right-ear dominance reflects what the brain does on its left side. Your short work will mirror the wordy, watery, audible activities on that side of the brain: more story, more sentences, more language, maybe a little plot, inhabited by people, characters.

It will list like a boat, leaking and leaning towards the right ear. It will whisper and shout and the left brain will understand completely. Or it will be curious, cocking its right ear, like a rat or Japanese macaques, harpy eagles, sea lions. It will angle its head to the left like a dog, right ear up. Offer up the sonic body itself, organs and skin, the body politic, the body of proof and lies, the wordy body.


Liminal Sounds + Right-Ear Dominant
Now an annual ritual, Earlid’s open submission invites you to consider a word or a theme or, this year, a wordy listening vantage, and offer up new or existing gems. In past exhibits, approximately 8-10 submissions are curated, presented here online for the quarterly publishing and then archived at Earlid afterwards.

Works can be as simple as a single voice or a mixed complexity of story strands. Their media origins can be radiophonic or site-specific or visual or time-based but excerpted for the ears for this online flattened sphere.

Be expansive. But be verbal and storied.

Formats and genres are wide open (documentary and art, fiction and truth, hybrids of curious sound wrapping around all those words).

Length: keep it short, 2-4 minutes.

Submit mp3 and written context and an artist link to Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman:

Deadline: Friday, March 3, 2017.

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