Retreat, Disappearance

To retreat from arguments as if I had those epicanthic eyelids that birds and some fish have, that allow them to separate themselves silently, almost courteously, from present company. Michael Ondaatje, Warlight



Earlid’s fifth annual Liminal Sounds invites short works eavesdropping upon the mask and what lies behind it.

As if we were hiding, in a bird blind or via camouflage, out in the woods, out on the battlefield’s desert, ensconced in sanctuary, perhaps your sonic artistry dips in and around one of these themes of disappearance.

Some say Brexit is a kind of retreat. So too an unfathomable wall being built along a porous U.S./Mexico border. These political retreats are envisioned as if behind a fisheye camera lens.

And then there’s a sense of our own visibility, becoming common currency. Perhaps we all should simply love our own withdrawal–escaping occasionally, permanently—from the nonstop platforms of communication.

What is the sound or the story of retreat?

Works can be as simple as a single voice or a mixed complexity of story strands. Their media origins can be radiophonic or site-specific or visual or time-based but excerpted for the ears for this online flattened sphere. Your production can be fully conceived for Liminal Sounds or an audio sketch you’ve been mulling around.

Be expansive.

Keep it short, between 1 and 5 minutes.

Send mp3 (up to three submissions), a brief written context, and an artist link to:

Deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2019.